Who We Are

What We Do and Why We Do It

First Step Homes centers itself around the idea that everyone should be able to afford home ownership and enjoy luxury amenities and services that appeal to everyone’s lifestyle. We have developed communities boasting nearly 7,000 homesites over the years and have another 5,000 homesites in the pipeline. Our experience lends itself to building unique communities and we are committed to doing so with excellence.  

Our Founder

David Zulejkic has been in the real estate and construction industry for over three decades. Throughout the years, he has predominantly focused on building apartment complexes and manufactured housing communities.

Since 1996, he has focused on his real estate investment business, successfully purchasing and rehabilitating multiple manufactured housing properties, office buildings, apartment buildings, and single-family residences. He owns and manages multiple properties in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and has assembled a team of over 75 people, including park managers, support staff, maintenance workers, and refurbishment workers.

How We Got Our Start in SFO

Drawing from three decades of expertise, First Step Homes introduces the Single Family Offsite (SFO) asset class, revolutionizing prospects that open the door for families seeking their first homeownership. SFO offers accessible homeownership within meticulously planned luxury communities where they can experience tailored lifestyle living.

Like most master-planned communities, SFO owners benefit from luxurious amenities, community events, managed landscaping, and gated streets, offering an elevated and engaging lifestyle. Built to last, as these homes are constructed with the same premium materials as traditionally built residential homes, homeowners will experience the benefits of neighborhood living at an accessible cost. SFO homes are manufactured in controlled environments, shielding them from weather-related wear and employing eco-friendly practices that minimize material waste, thus contributing to a more sustainable approach to residential manufacturing.

In-house residential mortgage options streamline purchasing, providing competitive rates, affordability, and simplified qualification procedures, making First Step Homes a one-stop shop for home buying.

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